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AWS Beanstalk Worker with Node.js and SQS

Part 1 – Setting up an AWS SQS Queue for Use With Node.js Beanstalk Worker Instances Part 2 – Setting up a Hapi.js App that sends work to a Node.js AWS Worker via SQS Part 3 – AWS Beanstalk Worker with Node.js and SQS (This is the current article you’re reading now) First I created a […]


Creating a Message Driven Bean with AWS SQS in Spring

via Creating a Message Driven Bean with AWS SQS in Spring | The Pragmatic Integrator.

In my previous post I showed a simple example how to use AWS SQS with Spring Framework to put messages on a queue and to read them from the queue. In this post I go one step further and use Spring to create a ‘Message Driven Bean’ so each message that is put on the queue is picked up and processed ‘automatically’. This is called the asynchronous way by AWS on their documentation page. To do this I will define a MessageListener in Spring and configure it to listen to my queue as described here. To see the initial project setup please see my previous post as I won’t show it again here.

Using AWS SQS as JMS provider with Spring

via Using AWS SQS as JMS provider with Spring | The Pragmatic Integrator.

Recently AWS published a new client library that implements the JMS 1.1 specification and uses their Simple Queue Service (SQS) as the JMS provider(see Jeff Barr’s post here). In my post I will show you how to set up your Maven project to use the Spring Framework to use this library.
We will perform the following steps:

  • Create the queue in the AWS Management Console
  • Set up your AWS credentials on your machine
  • Set up your Maven project
  • Create the Spring configuration
  • Create the Java files to produce and receive messages

This post will only show some basic use of the SQS possibilities but should be good enough to get you started. I assume you have already created your AWS Account and you are familiair with Maven and basic Spring setup.

Shedding The Monolithic Application With AWS Simple Queue Service (SQS) And NodeJS

via Shedding The Monolithic Application With AWS Simple Queue Service (SQS) And Node.js.

For too long, I have lived in the world of the monolithic web application – the single application that does everything for everyone. This year, I really want to evolve my understanding of web application architecture and try to think about applications as a collection of loosely coupled services. I think an important first step, in this journey, is to start experimenting with messages queues.