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Implementing RESTful and stateless API using stateful resources in Java using RestFlow

Building a web application can be really tricky sometimes. When we add blurry concepts like stateless or RESTful it can become a nightmare….


EJB3 Timer Service.

Timer is another feature which EJB provides. Though basic it almost serves all use cases a Timer could possibly provide. Though one could use a tool such as Quartz it doesn’t comply by standards such as that those followed by EJB Timers. All JEE compliant Application Servers or EJB providers would have to provide the […]


Stateless Session Bean

The tutorial throws an insight into Stateless Session Bean on EJB 3.0. Softwares Used: 1. Eclipse  Luna Release (4.4.0) 2. Apache Maven 3.2.5 3. Java version “1.7.0_75” 4. Jboss EAP Version 6.3.0.GA Getting Started: Once a Maven project of packaging type jar in the project object model xml configuration file is created, following entries are […]