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Nested Select Statements in MySQL!

Nested select statements can return a single value, a single row, a column, or a table. The subquery in the first example shown below selects only Clayton Kershaw (playerID = “kershcl01”) in 2014. The main query selects all the players from 1990 to 2014 with 450 Outs pitched and whose (StrikOUts – Walks)/(Batters faced by […]


How to setup R using conda

Using the conda package manager for R.


Monitoring the JBoss EAP / Wildfly Application Server with the Command Line Interface (CLI)

The JBoss EAP / Wildfly provides a powerful concept for management, configuration and monitoring of the JBoss Application Server itself and its Java EE Applications. The concept is based on the detyped management API. All management clients of the application server use this detyped management API to interact with the server. In this post we […]