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Formatting Strings the Correct Way using an old Friend “printf”

via Formatting Strings the Correct Way using an old Friend “printf” | TiDev.

In developing an app you will need to format a string at least once – even if you do not realise that is what you are doing.  You may only ever need the most basic of formatting abilities – but chances are after time your needs will expand and the complexity of your string formatting will increase.

So what are the problems and how can we improve the situation?

Javascript with a lisp

Javathcript allows you to script your web pages in a simple lisp variant. Once you include Javathcript.js, any script tags in your document with type="text/lisp" will be evaluated. It will also download lisp files (only from the original server), if you have a script tag that has a src attribute. Finally, you can also evaluate lisp code from javascript usingJavathcript.eval(lispString). Read more>>


  1. Introduction
  2. Example Usage
  3. Javathcript Functions
    1. Functions from A Micro-manual for Lisp – Not the Whole Truth
    2. Scope
    3. Syntactic Sugar, Comments and Aliases
    4. Strings
    5. Numbers and Maths
    6. Objects
    7. Interacting with Javascript and the Browser
  4. More Examples
    1. The Y-Combinator
    2. Lisp in Lisp
    3. Graphics and the Canvas tag
  5. Have a Go
  6. Getting the Source
  7. Limitations
  8. Acknowledgements
  9. Contact

Mongoose SchemaTypes v3.8.18

Mongoose SchemaTypes v3.8.18


SchemaTypes handle definition of path defaults, validation, getters, setters, field selection defaults for queries and other general characteristics for Strings and Numbers. Check out their respective API documentation for more detail.

Following are all valid Schema Types.