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Sublime Hax: Setting System iPython to SublimeREPL

If you haven’t setup Sublime REPL or hacked it to use your system version of Python, please read my blog post on it. I been fiddling with the Python console in Sublime for some time but everyone in the data science community uses iPython as it has some additional features and syntax highlighting (not too […]


Node.js Editor Comparison: Sublime vs Atom vs Cloud 9

Node.js Editor Comparison: Sublime vs Atom vs Cloud 9


TL;DR Sublime is awesome, Atom has potential and Cloud 9 is downright impressive.


Picking the right editor has always been kind of a big deal for me. I’ve had a pleasure of watching editors evolve and grow over the past few years and have developed a great appreciation for the current state of affairs. I spend hours perfecting my shortcuts, configurations, and plugins—perhaps way too much time actually.

Over the years I’ve used everything from Notepad++ and Vim to Delphi and TextMate. The latter has been the biggest and most rewarding to learn and use. Every new editor that I encounter these days I evaluate based on Vim key support first, everything else second.

In this post I’m going to take a quick look at three editors: Sublime Text, Atom, and Cloud 9 IDE. Lets get going!