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Mapping a Value Stream in Neo4j

The canonical use cases of a graph database such as Neo4j are social networks. In logistics and manufacturing networks also arise naturally. In particular, supply chains and value streams spring to mind. They may not be as large as Facebook’s social graph of all its users, but seeing them for the beasts they truly are […]


Build an enterprise supply chain app on Bluemix

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The IBM Bluemix™ cloud development platform provides the infrastructure, runtime environments, reusable services, rich ecosystem and DevOps tooling to help you quickly build and deploy enterprise apps. For example, we built an enterprise supply chain app on Bluemix as a system of engagement integrated with various technologies.

We built the app with the Node.js runtime, custom cloud services on Bluemix, BLU Acceleration, and Business Rules on Bluemix integrated it with IBM Worklight Server, Business Process Management (BPM), Content Management, and an API platform for enterprise connectivity to corporate back-end systems.

The steps and code samples in this tutorial will help you create and deploy a similar enterprise app.