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Docker Registry V2 with Bluemix and SoftLayer Object Storage

via Docker Registry V2 with Bluemix and SoftLayer Object Storage – BlueMix Dev.

Many of you would be delighted to know that the Docker Distribution project now supports OpenStack Swift API based Object Storage as provided by IBM Bluemix, IBM SoftLayer and other similar offerings. In this short article, I’ll show you how you can get your own Docker Registry (part of the Docker Distribution project) up and running with Object Storage in Bluemix and SoftLayer.

The Registry Swift driver was merged into the main Docker Distribution project with PR#493; it has been built into the Registry/2.1 milestone and a Registry 2.1 image is now available from Docker Hub.

SwiftyTimer: Swifty API for NSTimer

via radex/SwiftyTimer · GitHub.

SwiftyTimer is a set of extensions to make the NSTimer API cleaner, nicer to use, and at home with Swift’s syntax.

Read Swifty APIs: NSTimer for more information about this project.

Swift Scripting: Generating Swift API for a Target Application

via tingraldi/SwiftScripting · GitHub.

The scripting approach leveraged here is a Swift layer on top of the Scripting Bridge. OS X ships with a pair of utilities, sdef and sdp, to aid Objective-C programmers in using the Scripting Bridge.

The sdef tool is used to extract the scripting definition from an application. It emits the scripting definition to standard output in XML format. The sdp tool can be used to convert the XML emitted by sdef to an Objective-C header file. This header file defines the scripting interface for a target application exposed to Objective-C by the Scripting Bridge.

When scripting applications using Swift, it is possible to leverage the same Objective-C headers emitted by sdp. However, due to the dynamically generated classes involved in realizing the Scripting Bridge interface, this approach can be cumbersome and forces the use of AnyObject types even in areas when more specific types are known to exist.

The approach here is to generate a set of Swift protocols based on the Objective-C header emitted by sdp. In most cases, the generated file can be used without modification. There are some corner cases where manual editing is required to correct issues or workaround bugs in the Swift compiler.