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Aurelia Release for JSPM Beta

via Aurelia Release for JSPM Beta.

The spec for the standard JS module loader has recently been changing. The JSPM and SystemJS teams have been working hard to align with the new specs. And as of this release, Aurelia is now aligned with the new JSPM and SystemJS Beta.

Using ES6 modules today

via ES6 Modules with System.js.

With the arrival of the latest version of JavaScript, ECMAScript version 6, we have access to some very useful features, such as the ability to properly modularise our JavaScript.

Being able to use JavaScript modules is important, as it means that we can build applications (both for the browser and that run in the backend, e.g. using Node) that have a number of benefits, including:

  • being more self-contained, and less likely to cause side-effects in other code
  • less reliance on exposing and consuming global variables
  • being easier to test, as we can use dependency injection to mock our dependencies
  • better architecture of our applications
  • better access to code created by other parties

SystemJS: Universal dynamic module loader

via systemjs/systemjs · GitHub.

Universal dynamic module loader – loads ES6 modules, AMD, CommonJS and global scripts in the browser and NodeJS. Works with both Traceur and Babel.

Designed as a collection of extensions to the ES6 module loader which can also be applied individually.

Designed to work with the ES6 Module Loader polyfill (9KB) for a combined total footprint of 16KB minified and gzipped.

Runs in IE8+ and NodeJS.

For discussion, see the Google Group.

For a list of guides and tools, see the community project page.

ES6 6to5 & SystemJS Boilerplate for modernJS apps

via weiland/es6-6to5-systemjs-boilerplate · GitHub.

This is an ES6 Boilerplate where the source code is transpiled to ES5 via 6to5 and
all modules are bundled into one single file via SystemJS for production without including any Traceur runtime.