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How to Integrate Neo4j in Tableau using GrapheneDB

Hey there, Have you ever stared at the computer screen for so long that your eyes hurt and look like you haven’t blinked for 5 hours straight? That was me as I was trying to implement a use case that uses R as the medium that connects Neo4j with Tableau. It was taking a long time and until now, […]


Multiple APIs in a Tableau Dashboard

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  • Sketchup (KSFO models by Gijs – thank you!)
  • collada2gltf (.dae (COLLADA) to gltf)
  • Cesium.js
  • Google Spreadsheets (importXML, XPath)
  • Google Earth (for custom place-marks)
  • GIMP for Windows (editing billboards)
  • Tableau


  • FAA Airport XML (delays) endpoint
  • FlySFO API JSON (airlines) endpoint