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Working with modules and libraries in TabrisJS

via Working with modules and libraries in Tabris.js « EclipseSource Blog.

Tabris.js implements a module system as outlined by Common.js and supported by npm. Modules are a great way to organize your application code into isolated units. Unlike conventional scripts they keep the global namespace clean and are automatically loaded in the right order.

Native Mobile Apps in JavaScript with Tabris.js

via Native Mobile Apps in JavaScript with Tabris.js « EclipseSource Blog.

Developing mobile apps in JavaScript / HTML5 holds a great promise. Getting started is easy, Cross Platform is a given and the ecosystem of components and libraries is huge. Still, most apps today are developed using native code or as hybrid apps, combining native code and web technologies. Hybrid apps have emerged out of the need to combine the flexibility of HTML5 and server side content with the power of native UIs. Now you are getting a new option for native UIs on iOS and Android – with no need for switching to Objective-C, Swift or Java: Tabris.js