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Visual Studio : Mini-me !

Greetings fellow readers! Maybe you wanted to code on Visual Studio but couldn’t bring yourself to download the huge software, or maybe you didn’t think necessary to use the rocket launcher to squatch the bug? Well, behold! Microsoft released it’s own text/code editor last week : Visual Code(VSCode). While still in preview, it brings some […]


Juce interaction with TextEditorListener class

Following up on my previous Juce walkthrough, I wanted to cover the basics of event handling in Juce. Juce uses a concept of listener classes, where you create callback functions that will be executed when events occur that the listeners are listening for. We’ll use the TextEditorListener class as an example: https://www.juce.com/api/classTextEditor_1_1Listener.html Here’s a video to walk through it all: The following […]