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Jack Lenox: Building Themes With the REST API

With the REST API shortly due to be merged into WordPress core, this will be a talk/workshop about advanced theming techniques that allow theme developers to utilise it. The session takes the shape of a step-by-step method of building a theme that mixes best practice, current theming techniques with pioneering theming techniques of the future. It includes a considerable focus on JavaScript and a number of the libraries written with it, and how these technologies can be combined with current themes and the REST API to open up a whole new epoch in the development and design of WordPress themes.


Luc Princen: The Javascript Theme – business in the front, WordPress in the back

JavaScript now offers one of the best ways to deliver a clean, well-structured front end for your WordPress website. In Luc’s talk we’ll combine tools like the REST API, Backbone and Handlebars to give developers more control then ever and a theme that’s a delight to both build and maintain.


Tony Kovanen: WordPress REST API and the Future of Themes

This talk is on the current and future possibilities offered by the REST API in Jetpack and future WordPress versions for theme and plugin developers.