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Threads III: Condition Variable

This post continues the Threads series. This time I will introduce the condition variable synchronization primitive. If you haven’t read the previous Thread posts I recommend you to start here before reading on. Condition variables allow defining dependencies between threads in a thread-safe manner without having to resort to polling. Polling is the practice of […]


Java Threads

SyntaxHighlighter.all(); Thread is a light weight process. An instance of java.lang.Thread is called thread in java. JVM calls main thread which calls main method. When a thread is created corresponding stack area is created. Objects are made in heap area. Different threads are executed in same memory address whereas different process utilize different memory allocation. […]


Thread Jiggling

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Thread jiggler is a simple testing framework for exercising code to find threading problems. It works by modifying classes bytecode at runtime to insert Thread.yield() calls between instructions – “jiggling” the threads. This greatly increases the likelihood of discovering threading issues, and does it without you needing to change your production code.