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Using Jackson json parser in Apache Tomee 1.5 rest

Code in WEB-INF/openejb-jar.xml for every rest bean, in this case MobileRest: Add services in WEB-INF/resources.xml:


Configuring Asynchronous EJBs on TomEE

via Configuring Asynchronous EJBs on TomEE | Voxxed.

After configuring Asynchronous EJB invocations on WebSphere for the last few weeks at work, I had some ideas on how Asynchronous EJBs would work on TomEE and how they can be configured. EJB 3.1 specification does not say anything about how to implement asynchronous invocations and the semantics can differ a bit between application servers.

This article:

  • Gives a short introduction into Asynchronous EJB
  • Explains the configuration options of TomEE with respect to Asynchronous EJBs
  • Provides some ideas on how to configure your own system
  • Includes a project demonstrating configuration options with TomEE

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Java EE + MongoDb with Apache TomEE and Jongo Starter Project

Java EE + MongoDb with Apache TomEE and Jongo Starter Project

Know MongoDB and Java EE, but you don’t know exactly how to integrate both of them? Do you read a lot about the topic but you have not found a solution which fits this purpose? This starter project is for you:

You will learn how to use MongoDB and Java EE in a fashion way without having to depend on Spring Data MongoDB framework but with “similar” basic features.
The only thing better than a Maven archetype is a repository you can fork with everything already setup. Skip the documentation and just fork-and-code. This starter project contains:
The example is pretty simple, we want to store colors inside a MongoDB collection.
Our POJO is like: