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Quick set up Your Rails App

I am about to begin development on new application with Ruby on Rails. The following tutorial takes you through the first steps I took to generate my blank rails application on mac os x. This is where I will begin… This tutorial expects some prior knowledge of frameworks, ruby, rails, command line, how web applications work, […]


Creating Twitter Apps in PHP

In this post we will look into accessing Twitter REST API in PHP. This can be useful if you need to post Tweets from your PHP application or anaylze, search Tweets. In the following examples we will use the twitter-api-php PHP wrapper for Twitter v1.1 API. Although there are a few wrappers around, this one […]


How to build a REST api with Spray and Akka

Spray is a library written on top of Akka and Scala that allows to quickly create REST interfaces. It is becoming more and more popular in the Scala community because it is easy to use and performant thanks to this asynchronous, actor-based model. This article describes how to efficiently exploit Spray to create a simple […]


How the heck do you integrate Swift and Unity?

Motivation The motivation for this solution, and really the birth of this guide was that there wasn’t any guides or solutions out there touching Swift and Unity. One of them is a huge beast that has a large presence in media industry and the other is a young fledgling elegant beauty waiting to burst to it. Problem […]


Questrade API sample code with nodejs and request

Questrade released an API to retrieve account information, market data, and even making trades. That’s awesome! They have helpful documentation and even a developer console to make the API calls. Here is some sample code to use their API. Remember to paste your own refresh token (their Getting Started page provides instructions on how to generate […]


Linux + C – Arrays as Pointers

We’ve dealt with arrays a little bit in the past. Did you know that that whole time, we were dealing with pointers? Array as a Pointer When we declare an array, we are really doing the following things: Allocating a section of memory large enough to contain N objects of the chosen data type Creating […]


WebSocket JavaFX Sketch App. Tutorial (Tomcat 8 + Java 8)

Website + download source code @ http://www.zaneacademy.com 00:50 Is JavaFX included with the standard JDK 1.8 download bundle? 02:30 What is a WebSocket ServerEndpoint? 04:00 What is a WebSocket ClientEndpoint? 04:45 What is a WebSocket Encoder? 05:00 What is a WebSocket Decoder? 05:30 How to download and use JSON in a java application? 06:00 What […]