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Bootstrap it: Forms For your Route to personal Validations (or Creating a Simple Newsletter Signup Form with Ruby on Rails)

Okay, now that we have our Rails files all set up, let’s dive in file by file. Click to enlarge. Routes.rb tells the application what controller and method should be used when it receives a URL request. In the example above, when the application receives a request via URL, for the root or homepage of […]


Playing with iOS MapKit Part 1: MapKit Tutorials

Playing With MapKit Part 1 MapKit Tutorials Part 2 Reverse Geocoding and Custom Annotation Callouts Part 3 Making it Pretty Part 4 Race Conditions, Other Bugs, and Wrap-up A main difference between a smartphone and any other phone is that smart phones can tell you where they are. What does location tell you? Location provides context […]


Udemy – Python GUI and Gaming 101

This course is a one-stop-shop for all things GUI! We’ll be using the Tkinter Module of Python for all our graphics and animations. We’ll start with the basics, buttons, labels, etc. Once we cover those, we’ll move on to more complex things, like performing actions from button clicks, getting entry data, and then we’ll create a full-fledged Calculator!