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Available Resource: iOS Engineer

Available Resource: iOS Engineer

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Coding for the Big Screen with the Apple tvOS SDK

Coding for the Big Screen with the Apple TVOS SDK
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The newly announced tvOS SDK is something for iOS developers to get excited about. For the first time we will be able to create apps for the new Apple TV and publish them to the App Store. This is a great opportunity to deliver content and great user experience through apps to the big screen in everyone’s living room.

Let’s dive right in and take a look at the tvOS SDK.

We’ll cover the basics of each new framework, identify their purpose and describe what the requirements to make an app. Armed with our newfound knowledge, we will create a simple custom tvOS app step by step.

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Apple TV tvOS hello world app in Swift

via Apple TV tvOS hello world app in Swift | Gene De Lisa.

Table of Contents

Getting started
Server side
Swift code
So, you saw the shiny new AppleTV demo on the Apple Live Event. Finally we can write apps for the beast! Like most of you, I downloaded the Xcode 7.1 beta to jump in. Hey, there’s a project template! Let’s try that. Oh, that’s it? Looks like any other iOS app. Where’ the TV code? Sigh. I guess I’ll have to RTFM.

There are two types of app. One relies on “templates” written in XML called TVML (Television markup language). The other “low level” way is to write custom apps in Swift (or objc). Here is a list of iOS APIs that did or did not make it to tvOS. (Interesting that AudioToolbox made it but CoreMIDI didn’t – and no mention of Core Audio). In this post, I’ll talk about the TVML approach.

Apple has provided us with their usual almost-adequate tvOS documentation. After you get an idea of how it works, you get a “hello world” type page named Creating a Client-Server App.

Cool. The sample code is not downloadable, so you need to scrape the code off the page and fix the problems.
Not cool.

Here’s my attempt at being a bit more helpful.

Beginning tvOS Development with TVML Tutorial

via Beginning tvOS Development with TVML Tutorial – Ray Wenderlich.

Last Wednesday Apple announced the new Apple-TV – along with what we’ve all been dreaming of, the ability to write our own apps for it!

I and the rest of the Tutorial Team have been digging into the tvOS SDK to prepare some great tvOS tutorials for you. To get you started, Chris Wagner wrote a post giving a broad overview of tvOS, and I’ve been working on this tutorial, designed to be your first steps in tvOS development.

In this tutorial, you’ll make your first tvOS app using TVML – Apple’s Television Markup Language. Believe it or not, you’ll use JavaScript to manage your app’s logic, and create TVML templates to present your UI.

By the end of the tutorial, you should have a basic grasp of managing tvOS apps using TVML and TVJS. Let’s get started!