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Open Sourcing Our Facebook and Twitter Integration Frameworks

Open Sourcing Our Facebook and Twitter Integration Frameworks
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In recent months, we’ve open sourced our iOS, Android, .NET and Javascript SDKs, marking a big step towards learning and building better than ever with the Parse community. Today, we’re excited to announce that we are open sourcing our Facebook and Twitter integration frameworks for iOS and Android. Both of these power one of the…

Video: Twitter Sentiment Analytics on Bluemix with NodeJS, CouchDB, dashDB & R

App Transport Security

via App Transport Security – Use Your Loaf.

Once you build with iOS 9 any connections you create using NSURLConnection or NSURLSession use App Transport Security which, by default, will reject insecure connections. Since there are many useful web services that are not secure it is possible to disable or override this default behaviour for specific domains. In this post I look at debugging and creating an exception for the Twitter Search API.

Parse Tutorial: Customizing Your Twitter/Facebook Signup/Login Views

via Parse Tutorial: Customizing Your Twitter/Facebook Signup/Login Views | Codementor.

All the code for Part 2 is available on github https://github.com/mattgoldspink/swift-parse-login-part2

In the previous tutorial we looked at how we can quickly add Login & Sign Up views to our app using Parse, Facebook and Twitter. In this tutorial, we’ll take what we have done and we will customize our Login and Sign Up views so they‘re branded for our Vay.K app that we created for the purpose of this tutorial.

Parse Tutorial Part 1: Adding a Twitter/Facebook Signup/Login to Your iOS App

via Parse Tutorial: Adding a Twitter/Facebook Signup/Login to Your iOS App | Codementor.

The full code for this Tutorial can be found at https://github.com/mattgoldspink/swift-parse-login-part1

First impressions are everything, so when users download your app, you have to make sure that the first screen they see lets them know this app means business. Setting up a proper signup/login process used to be very tedious and time-consuming. Now you can kiss those long hours spent on setting up the login screen goodbye thanks to Parse, which offers a great platform to handle signups and integration with Facebook and Twitter for free.

In this tutorial, we’ll look at how to setup a custom Login and Signup view, so you can get users signed up with minimal effort. I will show you how to get all the configuration setup using Parse’s default Login and Signup views. Once you have completed the setup, check out Part 2 of my Parse tutorial to see how we can customize the styles to make your app really stand out!

For the purpose of our tutorial, we’re going to create a social network called “Vay.K” for people who want to share photos from their vacations.

Send push notifications automatically with Node-RED and the IBM Bluemix Push service

via Send push notifications automatically with Node-RED and the IBM Bluemix Push service.

The application that you’ll build in this tutorial demonstrates how to push mobile notifications automatically by using the Push service in IBM® Bluemix™ with an instance of Node-RED. The application analyzes the Twitter sentiment score in Node-RED and sends a push notification if the sentiment score is three or higher.

Create a Responsive Image Carousel using Twitter Bootstrap and jQuery

via Create a Responsive Image Carousel using Twitter Bootstrap and jQuery.

Abstract: Using Twitter Bootstrap and jQuery to create an Image Carousel with Responsive Design

Users expect to be able to view your website on any device they’ve got in their hands. For websites now-a-days, delivering an optimal user experience to all devices—including tablets, smartphones, laptops, and large screens; is a major task to achieve. Responsive web design is the answer to it, which provides the platform and flexibility where we can write code once and publish the application everywhere.