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Beginner’s Guide: Using Social Framework and UIActivityViewController

via Beginner’s Guide: Social Framework and UIActivityViewController.

So, you are just about to get finished with the new super-app of yours, or the one that your boss or a customer have asked you to make, and you realize that there’s one more important requirement, to make it capable of posting content to Facebook or Twitter. You are a breath away from the deadline, and after having spent endless hours in implementation you find it too hard, or even objectively impossible, to stay in front of your computer several more hours in order to integrate the Facebook or Twitter SDK. So, what are you supposed to do? Maybe it’s time to start thinking of twenty or more different excuses that you will use when you’ll tell your boss or the customer that you are not going to deliver the app? Maybe it’s time to start sweating or feeling suffocated? Or, on the other hand, there’s a nice and easy way to add sharing capabilities to your application in no time at all?

Android Twitter Fabric SDK Integration with user details in Android Studio

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Recently, I updated Facebook SDK integration with user details post. Now, I am going to share easy steps to integrate Twitter Fabric SDK with user details. Using Facebook and Twitter login button, you all can make a brand app. For Facebook, check Facebook loginpost. For twitter, steps are given below:-

1. Go to twitter site -> create an app -> fill all details -> get Consumer Key andConsumer Secret.

2. Go to fabric site (register/login to proceed) to download android studio plugin for twitter login/update status.

Note:-  Twitter official document available on twitter developer site.

3. After downloading fabric plugin, add it to android studio as per given instruction there. Restart Android studio and than create new project and click on icon generated by fabric on android studio. Select twitter login from list and click on next -> next -> finish. Most of the code/files added by fabric plugin automatically in your android project.


twitter_facebook1Apple has integrated Twitter login support since iOS 5, and Facebook since iOS 6. In the past, developers had to integrate the full Facebook and Twitter SDK to integrate sharing in their apps. Since it’s built in, it’s much easier to add these social features to your own app. Original Post>>