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Fast Core Image Filter Chaining in Swift with Shinpuru Image

via Fast Core Image Filter Chaining in Swift with Shinpuru Image.

The first iteration of Shinpuru Image, was great to simplify the implementation of Core Image and vImage filters but was a little suboptimal when chaining filters together. This is because each invocation of a filter converted the input from UIImage to a CIImage and, after filtering, converted the filter output back to CIImage.

The better approach would be to keep the inputs and outputs of each step of the chain as CIImage and only do the conversion to UIImage at the end of the chain when Core Image accumulates all the filters and does the image processing work in one step.

ParticleLab – High Performance Particles in Swift and Metal

via FlexMonkey/ParticleLab · GitHub.

This is the most highly optimised version of my Swift and Metal particles system; managing over 40 fps with four million particles and four gravity wells. It manages this by rendering to a CAMetalLayer rather than converting a texture to a UIImage and by passing in four particle definitions per step with a float4x4 rather than a particle struct.

You can read about these recent changes at my blog:

Convenience extension for UIImage and UIImageView in Swift

via melvitax/AFImageHelper · GitHub.

Convenience extension for UIImage and UIImageView in Swift A collection of extensions for handling image creation from colors and gradients, cropping, scaling and fetching from the web with support for caching.

Works with Swift 1.2