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Fuel UX: Extends Twitter Bootstrap with additional lightweight JavaScript controls.

via ExactTarget/fuelux · GitHub.

Fuel UX extends Bootstrap 3 with additional lightweight JavaScript controls. It is actively maintained bymembers of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, with the support and involvement of the community.

To get started, check out http://getfuelux.com!

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Video: The Kraken Effect

“Two years ago, PayPal set its UI free by adding liberal doses of NodeJS, JavaScript templating and libraries, JSON, Github and Lean Startup/UX. Join Bill as he looks at the PayPal design and engineering transformation, including the boom in rapid prototyping and experimentation, cultural changes, lessons learned, and the next stage of initiatives and technologies now underway.

Isomorphic JavaScript, Satisfying SEO and UX in One Go

via Isomorphic JavaScript, Satisfying SEO and UX in One Go.

Jason Strimpel is software engineer with over 15 years experience developing web applications.

Available Resource: Front-End Web Developer/ Designer

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Paul Castillo Mora is Front-End Web Developer/ Designer has 9 years of IT Industry experience. His current location is Costa Rica and He is willing to relocate anywhere in USA, Canada, France. He is looking out for Work Sponsorship and he is available Immediately. If interested please E-mail him at pk2castillo@gmail.com or call him at (+506) 88169851

His area of expertise:
Front-End: XHTML / HTML5, CSS2.1 / CSS3/ JavaScript/ Yeoman/ Laravel/ Progressive Enhancement/ Website Speed Performance/ Responsive Web Design/ CSS Frameworks (Foundation, Skeleton, Bootstrap)/ WordPress / Photoshop CC / Illustrator CC / Git / SASS / LESS / UI Prototype / UX Experience / Mobile Web Development/ Responsive Email Design & Development
Design: Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign
Motion Design: Cinema 4D, After Effects

WebRTC Device Selection Demystified

via Respoke Blog — WebRTC Device Selection Demystified.

Have you ever had the experience of jumping on a video or audio call only to realize that the wrong microphone or camera is selected? “Can you hear me now?” When doing an audio or video call, choosing the right device is important. Most laptops these days have a built in camera and microphone, but what if you want to use your fancy Logitech camera? On mobile devices, you probably have a front and a rear camera. When you are building your new web app, you’ll want to give the best UX (user experience) possible — including making it easy for your users to pick the right device. In this post, I’ll give an overview of what options are currently available for device selection. Going forward the Respoke team will be monitoring improvements to WebRTC and report on them as new options come up.

Video: Performant UIs Using CSS Magic

Performance doesn’t end with making our sites load fast it’s also crucial in improving perceived speed and creating delight with silky smooth animations that creates beautiful UX for our websites and web apps.
In this talk we’ll explore how you can identify and improve performance using the various dev tools as well as techniques used to make sure animations run at the golden standard of 60fps.

Ryan is a Tech Lead at Zendesk. Hailing from Melbourne Australia, he has an unnatural obsession with CSS, JavaScript and the many places it runs. In his spare time he’s either hiking, writing for his blog thecssninja.com or committing code to github.

CSSConf.Asia – Bridging Design and Implementation. Amara Sanctuary, Singapore – 19 November 2014.

Source: http://2014.cssconf.asia/#speakers
Slides: http://ryanseddon.github.io/css_magic…

Tools and resources every designer needs

Tools and resources every designer needs