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Vanadium: Form Validation with JQuery

via Vanadium: Form Validation with JQuery.

I recently posted on the blog through a small note which had been remedied one of the problems I had the online store Java EE . The store had been provided with a mechanism to validate the record if an email was occupied or not, but this function did not work (although it was itself implemented) for reasons unknown until recently.

That said, I think once solved this problem could be a good time for you to speak in depth validations made on forms Store on the client side.

I think it would be a good way to start being honest and saying that I am neither an expert on JavaScript or JQuery , but if I’ve learned to perform the task I am going to show you today based on a lot of research on the specific issue that this Once concerns us and fight for what work properly.
When I started to perform validations online store first thing I looked for was a quick solution to the problem, remember that it was in the beginning of a practice, and as such, with a delivery date; so, what I did was look for some JQuery library that solved my problem. By searching my first result was Vanadium, and that was the one I used and I am going to explain here today. What, does not mean that no other libraries validation.

Regarding the library that I used called VanadiumJS  include its simple configuration plus it is easily customizable to suit our needs. Let’s see how it works.