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Vert.x with gulpJS

via Vert.x with gulp.js.

Vert.x is often put forward as a polyglot alternative to node.js that runs on the JVM. A read through the vert.x javascript docs indicates that javascript is a first-class language in vert.x, and both node.js and vert.x use an event-driven, non-blocking I/O programming model. But to what degree will a node programmer feel at home in writing a vert.x application?

In this blog post I will look at using gulp, a node.js build tool, to build a vert.x 2 module.

Browser to browser communication with Vert.x, websockets and HTML5

Browser to browser communication with Vert.x, websockets and HTML5

how to set up browser to browser communication using the Vert.x eventbus by using the javascript client side API. In short I’m going to show you the following things:

  • Use Vert.x as a simple web server
  • Configure vert.x on the serverside to act as bridge for the browser eventbus implementation
  • Create a simple example that shows how to use the eventbus from javascript