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ViliX’s Text/ASCII Game Engine

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VilTAGE logo

Stands for ViliX’s Text/ASCII Game Engine. It’s more of a framework than a game engine.

In the future, VilTAGE should be able to provide an easy way of making Dart ASCII based games.

Getting Started

Creating new game

To demonstrate how simple it is to create a new VilTAGE game (read more on wiki), here are three steps you need to make to create new game:

  1. add dependency viltage: any to your project’s pubspec.yaml
  2. add import 'package:viltage/viltage.dart'; to the top of your main .dart file
  3. add those two lines to your main() function:
VilTAGEConfig vtc = new VilTAGEConfig(querySelector("#game_canvas"));
VilTAGE mygame = new VilTAGE(vtc);

This will take a canvas element and create a blank grid of dots, which becomes a foundation for a new game.


You can contact me on Twitter @ViliX64 where I’ll happily explain everything about VilTAGE to you.

Contributing & Source

The author of VilTAGE is Vilém Zouhar (@ViliX64) (@rustilnee contributed to!). I’m constantly improving the code base. Reporting any issues/suggesting new things is the best way how to improve VilTAGE. You can also change the code itself and commit changes!


VilTAGE is licensed under the MIT License, meaning you can use it/change as long as you mention at least somewhere in the description that your game uses VilTAGE.