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Link Your MySQL Database To Azure Virtual Machine And WordPress

via Link Your MySQL Database To Azure Virtual Machine And WordPress | Sibeesh Passion.

This article explains how you can link your existing MySQL database to a Azure virtual machine and configure in wordpress. Once your database and wordpress website id ready you can go ahead and link your DB to wordpress and axure virtual machine. If you need to back up and restore your clear dbMySQL database in a virtual machine in Azure, I suggest you to read Back Up your ClearDB and restore in Azure. If you are new to azure virtual machine, I strongly recommend you to read here: Create Virtual Machine In Azure. You can also find how to install MySQL in Azure Virtual Machine here Install MySQL in Azure . I hope you will like this.

Using Nutanix clones to deploy MongoDB replica set

via Using Nutanix clones to deploy MongoDB replica set.

In this post I am going to look at setting up a replica set to support high availability in a MongoDB environment. Replica sets contain a primary MongoDB database and a number of additional secondary replica databases. Any one of the allowed replicas can become primary in the event that the original primary fails for whatever reason. Replica set membership count is usually an odd number in order that new primary elections are not tied.

Building out an HA MongoDB setup on Nutanix is relatively easy to do. Each MongoDB instance is hosted in a separate, sandboxed environment. In our case a virtual machine (VM). Each VM is then located on a separate physical hypervisor host. I have a gold image VM that has a MongoDB instance installed along recommended best practice guidelines. This VM gets cloned as required when I need to build out a new MongoDB environment. So for a 3 member replica set I need 3 clones.

Migrate a VMware Virtual Machine Running Linux to ProfitBricks

via Migrate a VMware Virtual Machine Running Linux to ProfitBricks | ProfitBricks DevOps Central.

This tutorial is designed to assist in moving a virtual machine (VM) running Linux under the VMware hypervisor into the ProfitBricks cloud.

Table of Contents

Redtamarin: AS3 running on the command line

via Corsaair/redtamarin · GitHub.

Simply put, redtamarin is based on the Tamarin project (eg. the Flash Player Virtual Machine) and allow to run AS3 code on the command-line.

But because Tamarin only support the AS3 builtins (Object, Array, etc.), redtamarin add numerous native functionalities, so you can test if your program run under Windows or Linux, or read/write files, or send data with sockets, etc.

Put another way, if Adobe AIR allow you to build desktop executable with a GUI, redtamarin allow you to build desktop executable with a CLI.

Video: Azure Virtual Machine creation and set up using Vagrant

Azure Virtual Machine creation and set up using Vagrant

Dynamic Data Masking in Azure SQL Database http://goo.gl/u0noLY

Zero to Hero with SQL Server 2014

Zero to Hero with MongoDb

Big Data with the Microsoft Analytics Platform System

Open Source lover Cory Fowler teaches Scott how to use Vagrant to create and set up virtual machines on Microsoft Azure.

Video: Let’s Build A Virtual Machine!

via TomNomNom/build-a-vm-talk · GitHub.

Code and slides from my Hey!Stac talk at the Belgrave in Leeds on the 28th of October 2014.

You can read about it here and watch the video here.

Azure Virtual Machine Images for Visual Studio

via MSDN Blogs.

Over the last year we have been constantly expanding our Visual Studio image offerings for the Microsoft Azure virtual machine gallery. The images have proven to be very popular not only for evaluating new Visual Studio releases but also for using them as developer environments in the cloud. In this post we’ll walk you through all the images that are available for MSDN and non-MSDN subscribers and what each of them is best suited for.