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Oracle Linux 7 on Vagrant – Creating a new base box

For the last few months, I’ve been using Vagrant to spin-up local virtual environments. To use it, you specify a base OS installation (a box) and then “provision” whatever you need on top (e.g. run some shell scripts), define the networking and vagrant will start everything up for you. Vagrant lets you use base OS […]


Video: Setting up a development environment with Vagrant, Ubuntu, Virtualbox, Nodejs

Welcome to my first video in a series of videos where you can follow my progress on learning to use many modern web development technologies including NodeJS, ExpressJS, Vagrant, Virtualbox, MongoDB, Mongoose and many more.

This is my first episode in the series describing how to setup a self contained development environment using Vagrant on Windows 8.1

Download OpenSSH for windows here:


Download VirtualBox here:


Download Sublime Text 3 here:


Download Vagrant here:


Here is the line to add the repo for an up to date version of NodeJS in Ubuntu 14.04:

curl -sL https://deb.nodesource.com/setup_0.12 | sudo bash –

AppleScript to install modern.IE VMs with one click in VirtualBox for Mac

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  1. Make sure VirtualBox and Growl 2 are installed on your Mac. (Growl is only used to provide progress notifications; the script might work without it.)
  2. Download and extract the ZIP file containing the application. Double click the extracted application. (If GateKeeper does not allow you to open the app, right click the app and select “Open”.)
  3. Choose the VM you want to install and click “OK”.
  4. Wait while the required files are downloaded, extracted, and imported into VirtualBox.
  5. You’re done! VirtualBox will be opened so you can start using the VM.