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Cross platform, touch optimized 2D & 3D visualization

Cross platform, touch optimized 2D & 3D visualization made with HTML5 Canvas, WebGL and ThreeJS.

Video: Real-Time Visualization with Kafka, Storm, Redis, node.js & d3.js

In this meetup, Byron will demonstrate a realtime dashboard for streaming events.
This application involves several technologies like Kafka, Storm, Redis, node.js and d3.js.

This lecture is a preview of a lecture that will be held later this month in Strata conference in Santa Clara CA.

The lecture covers:
– Demo of the application
– Explain how the above technologies helped us achieve a realtime dashboard for mass data
– Go a bit deeper to code samples of each part.

Video: Analytics + Visualization for Neuroscience: Spark, Thunder, Lightning

Live stream and recorded at Databricks headquaters in San Francisco, the Analytics + Visualization for Neuroscience meet up was held on January 29th. To attend in person please visit our meet up page :


Visualization is for Sharing: Using React for Portable Data Visualization

Visualization is for Sharing: Using React for Portable Data Visualization

viget.com • Data visualization has become a more frequent element of our work at Viget. Be it simple pie charts or beautiful maps displaying jersey sales, visually representing data in a compelling way is a great …