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Part 1: Xamarin.Forms – Basic Stuff to WAMS Expert

via Xamarin.Forms – Basic Stuff to WAMS Expert | Fabian Williams the Architect.

This blog post as with all my blog post not only tells a legitimate use case but it also provides training aid not only to myself but to all that visit my blog site.  This post will look at Xamarin as a technology for Mobile App development as well as Xamarin.Forms which sits on top of the Xamarin platform, that will be the first part of the series. In this first part specifically we will look into the architecture of a Xamarin.Forms App originating from the Mac Side as the experience is different from a Xamarin.Forms solution originating from the Windows Side.  We will go into details as to how Views (Controls), Layouts, and Pages are coded to present a usable Mobile App to the end user, specifically mixing an matching Navigation Pages, Master Detail Pages, Tabbed Pages and different controls, with Stack Layouts.

In the second part of the series we will take the skin/skeleton we create in the first part and tie in Windows Azure Mobile Services (WAMS) by way of adding Pages to consume the data coming from a WAMS database along with ViewModels with services to handle the connectivity and CRUD capabilities to the back end and Pages.