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Create a Simple Apple Watch App Using CoreGraphics

Create a Simple Apple Watch App Using CoreGraphics
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This article shows the steps to create an Apple Watch app that draws a pie chart using CoreGraphics.

iOS Watchkit Snippets: Code snippets using WatchKit for making Apple Watch Apps.

via ccabanero/ios-watchkit-snippets · GitHub.

Code snippets using WatchKit for making Apple Watch Apps. Each folder in this repo represents a different project described below.


via Tutorial: Building an Apple Watch App – iOS Life.

The new Apple Watch is going to be released soon, we are going to take a little time to build a quick app that displays the North American time zones. This app will allow the user to swipe between the timezones so they can easily know what time it is anywhere in Canada and the US.

This app is built on top of the Tutorial: Today Widget in Swift tutorial, since in that app we also made a timezone view. Since the Today Widget and the Apple Watch apps are very similar because they are both built using extensions to an existing app it should make it a little easier to build.