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watchOS 2: Communicating With a Counterpart

via watchOS 2: Communicating With a Counterpart – Tuts+ Code Tutorial.

Ever since the release of Apple Watch, developers have been debating and presenting techniques to overcome the limitations of watchOS 1. Developers have wondered, for example, how to reliably communicate between a watchOS app and its parent iOS app, and vice versa.

A number of solutions have been available to solve this problem, such as MMWormhole. Of course, Apple has been well aware of the limitations of watchOS 1 and the release of watchOS 2 resolves a number of the limitations of watchOS 1. Communicating between a watchOS 2 app and its parent iOS app, for example, has become much simpler thanks to the introduction of the Watch Connectivity framework.

Creating a Selectable Table App Using WatchKit

via Creating a Selectable Table App Using WatchKit.

Apple announced WatchOS 2 at WWDC this year. WatchOS 2 features a lot of new frameworks that are now accessible for developers. These include programmatic access to the digital crown, new ways to play video and audio, use of the built-in microphone and the Taptic engine. On top of that, we will also be able to develop apps for the Apple Watch itself! This means we will no longer need an iPhone to run the code. The developer preview is already available and the public release will be available this fall.

We will look into the new features of WatchOS 2 in future tutorials. But today, let’s start with something basic.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to make a selectable table app for Apple Watch. We’re going to make a simple table of 5 countries. Each item can be selected to reveal more information about the country such as its capital.