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watchOS 2 by Tutorials Now Available!

watchOS 2 by Tutorials Now Available!
// Ray Wenderlich

watchOS 2 by Tutorials Now Available!

Note from Ray: Happy Wednesday – it’s book release day during the iOS 9 Feast!

This year at WWDC, Apple introduced watchOS 2, which signifies a huge change for Apple Watch developers. Now, you can make native apps that run directly on your watch.

  • Out is the hybrid architecture where the interface resided on the Watch, but the code executed as an extension on the paired iPhone.
  • In is a much more familiar, although still quite unique, flavor of architecture where the code is still executed as an extension, but within the Watch app running on the device itself.

With this shift, you can now access some of the more popular iOS frameworks from the watch, including Core Data, Core Location, Core Motion, and many, many others. There’s also many brand new features like Complications, Watch Connectivity, and more.

Given the major shift with watchOS 2 development, rather than doing a weak-sauce update of our previous book (WatchKit by Tutorials) we decided to rethink the book from the ground up.

The result is a brand new book, that is available today – watchOS 2 by Tutorials!