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Watson api using nodeJS

via bluemix – Watson api using node.js – Stack Overflow.

trying to use this node.js code to use watson api which is in ibm cloud bluemix in our ios app. Can anybody tell me what this code is doing and provide us an answer how to use the watson service from our app.

Video: Create your award winning hackathon app using IBM Bluemix and bring it to market quickly

IBM® Bluemix™ is an open cloud platform that provides mobile and web developers access to IBM software for integration, security, transaction, and other key functions, as well as software from business partners. Built on the Cloud Foundry open source technology, Bluemix offers more control to application developers by using its Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering, and also provides pre-built Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS) capabilities. The goal is to simplify the delivery of an application by providing services that are ready for immediate use and hosting capabilities to enable internal scale development. Join this session to see a live demonstration of Bluemix and learn how you can innovate and develop, test, launch and scale your applications faster. Choose from third party tools, open source and IBM capabilities, along with access to pre-built services and sample code — all available as a Service in the cloud. Bluemix mobile services offer cloud APIs to quickly create: apps at scale, native or hybrid SDKs and Node.JS SDK to easily enhance your mobile applications and synchronize data across devices to meet mobile demand. Try a mobile app idea on this platform before you get to the hackathon so you are ready to develop that award winning idea.

What you’ll learn:
– getting signed up for the trial
– how to push their code to Bluemix
– review and demo of key services that might be used in the hackathon:
– Cloudant and/or Mongo (to store data)
– IoT Foundation (as a fast pub/sub broker for IoT data)
– Node-RED to visually build the applications
– Watson APIs to partner people and computers in new ways