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Quick set up Your Rails App

I am about to begin development on new application with Ruby on Rails. The following tutorial takes you through the first steps I took to generate my blank rails application on mac os x. This is where I will begin… This tutorial expects some prior knowledge of frameworks, ruby, rails, command line, how web applications work, […]


Deploy your application to OpenShift

OpenShift provides free Tomcat application server hosting, which could be useful for hosting a demo application. Deploying a web application can be done in many ways. You can use Git to push application code on the server, or use an Openshift IDE plugin, or connect with an SSH connection to checkout your code, build your […]


application implicit object

All JSP pages included in a particular web application share single application object. Application object contains information to be used throughout the web application. For example, using application object, we can read the initial configuration information and the server information. In addition, we can read resources web application provides. Reading web application initialization parameters Servlet provides initialization […]


application implicit object (2)

Obtaining resources for web applications You might want to use files in the web application directory on a JSP page. For example, let’s say there is a subdirectory “message” under jsp_practice directory, and you want to print  txt file in message\notice\notice.txt. In this case, you can read specified resource using an absolute path as follows: […]


Video: 10 Minute Java Security

Video: 10 Minute Java Security

Learn everything you need to secure your Java app in 10 minutes! Well, not quite, but hopefully by the end of this talk Jim Manico will have given you an appreciation for why you should spend more than 10 minutes on securing your next web application.