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Bootstrap it: Forms For your Route to personal Validations (or Creating a Simple Newsletter Signup Form with Ruby on Rails)

Okay, now that we have our Rails files all set up, let’s dive in file by file. Click to enlarge. Routes.rb tells the application what controller and method should be used when it receives a URL request. In the example above, when the application receives a request via URL, for the root or homepage of […]


Video: Image Maps in Responsive Web Design

Image maps have many uses and were used extensively in times gone past. But Responsive Web Design it’s hard to get them to comply, but with a great workaround found here with an explanation http://www.coffeecup.com/help/article… it now is possible to use them with a jquery plugin from Matt Stow. It works and now there is more possible solution for the old image maps, used with a modern twist. They also validate as I show in the video.