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How to create a SAP Fiori app using an EDMX file?

via Promoleaf: How to create a SAP Fiori app using an EDMX file?.

This post will show you how to create a Fiori app with no backend system but using an EDMX file which contains the model of the OData service and could leverage SAP Web IDE mock service to test the application.

This kind of approach is useful in that case when backend is not ready (or no connectivity to backend system) and development for frontend and backend is done in parallel.

Workshop – Developing NodeJS apps using IBM Bluemix DevOps Services

via Blue Labs.

After completing the workshop, you should be able to:

  1. Describe key Bluemix DevOps Services capabilities
  2. Understand how to create Node.js apps, and how to reuse existing apps/code
  3. Create, build, deploy and test applications on Bluemix using DevOps Services (Web IDE, Git Hosting)
  4. Use Bluemix DevOps Services for automated builds and deployments on Bluemix (Delivery Pipeline) and for agile planning (Track and Plan)
  5. Reuse what you learned to start your own app development
  6. Drive a DevOps Services / Bluemix demonstration session for your team or your customers

Applications created during this workshop can be reused with clients. Labs instruction can be reused as-is or customized for demo scripts.

Overview and Prerequisites

Before you start the workshop, review the description and the prerequisites for each lab. Some activities must be completed ahead of time (registration) to be sure that you obtain your accounts before you start.

Hands-on labs to complete during the workshop

  • LAB 1 (10 min): Discover existing projects and examine their content: Lab instructions
  • LAB 2 (10 min): Easily create a Node.js application from scratch on the cloud: Lab instructions
  • LAB 3 (30 min): Reuse existing code to create and deploy your own application: Lab instructions
  • LAB 4 (30 min): Add a data management service to your app and enable continuous delivery: Lab instructions
  • LAB 5 (30 min): Explore Delivery Pipeline capabilities for continuous delivery: Lab instructions
  • LAB 6 (45 min): Planning, tracking and delivering a Twitter integration feature: Lab instructions

Develop with Bluemix Live Sync and NodeJS

via IBM Bluemix DevOps Services.


If you are building a Node.js app, you can quickly update it on IBM® Bluemix™ and develop as you would on the desktop by using Bluemix Live Sync. You can use Bluemix Live Sync on the command line, through the Desktop Sync feature, and in the Web IDE, through the Live Edit feature. You can also use Bluemix Live Sync to debug Node.js applications. Learn more about Bluemix Live Sync.

In this tutorial, you deploy a Node.js app and then update it by using IBM Bluemix DevOps Services and Bluemix Live Sync. You can see the changes to your running Bluemix application immediately, without waiting for redeployment.