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The Web Audio API: Make Your Own Web Synthesizer

via The Web Audio API: Make Your Own Web Synthesizer – Tuts+ Code Tutorial.

Robert Moog famously created one of the very first commercial modular synthesizers. His inventions consisted of banks of wires and knobs, allowing musicians to create sounds never heard before. These instruments weren’t cheap either, costing thousands of dollars for even the most basic model.

Now, thanks to the Web Audio API, we can create our own similar-sounding synth that we can configure to our heart’s content for the grand total of $0. Not only that, we can distribute our synth instantly to anyone in the world thanks to the web.

If you haven’t read the previous tutorials in this Web Audio series, I’d suggest going to back and reading them before undertaking this one, as they cover the basics of using the Web Audio API and creating a sound from scratch.