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Working with WebcamJS and php to upload images

via working with webcam.js and php to upload images- learnmore i-visionblog.com ~ i-visionblog.

We all guys are fascinated towards uploading images via social networks by applications.Thus introduction of webcam made a lot of changes as such direct upload of images and video calling starting from skype to viber,hangouts in G+ plays a major role in the information sharing and visualizing.and this post will give a start up on the accessing webcam via browser and uploading using PHP and managing them with MySQL database in backend.

AngularJS directive for capturing images form your computer’s camera.

via bcabanes/ng-camera · GitHub

Ng-camera is an AngularJS directive for capturing images form your computer’s camera, and delivering them to you as Data URIs. The images is transmitted to your AngularJS controller and can be modified like you want.

To manage this process, ng-camera uses the WebcamJS standalone Javascript library developed by Joseph Huckaby, to ensure fallback and crossbrowser requirements.