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How to Build a Mega Menu with Webix

via How to Build a Mega Menu with Webix.

In this article, we’ll create our own mega menu with Webix in a few easy steps.

Unlike the regular menus that you can create using the Menu Component, Mega Menus are big and wide enough to allow you place other components and widgets within them. Such a type of menus is widely used on the online shopping websites since it’s pretty easy to use them for navigation purposes.

The demo of the final mega menu with its source code is here.

Animation in Webix UI

via Animation in Webix UI.

While providing many UI options, Webix is quite short of animations. It can be easily changed though. Let’s check how to add nice animation effects for different Webix controls.

How to Create Kanban Board with Webix

via How to Create Kanban Board with Webix.

During the process of web development it’s highly important to organize the workflow and keep in touch with all members of the team. There are useful tools that allow visualizing all the stages of work and keeping track of each participant’s current workload. One of such tools is a popular Kanban board. It helps to control work processes and maintain steady progress, as you can see what stage of the project should be speeded up and which one is overloaded.

Webix Kanban Board is a great widget that can be used for creating powerful apps intended for managing the development process.

In this article we’ll describe the stages of creating a basic Kanban Board with the Webix library. Tasks on the board will be supplemented with tags, images and personal avatars for tasks’ assignees. There will be icons that allow opening a form for editing tasks. Besides, you’ll learn how to customize the styling of the board.