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Take a Tour of the API Designer for Mobile Cloud Service

New to APIs, or to the API Designer?  Watch this video to find out how to sketch out an API, then supply mock data you can code against — WITHOUT having to wait for the API to be implemented in Javascript. Watch the video here. WebLogic Partner Community For regular information become a member in […]


Developer Cloud Service – Automating Builds for Oracle ADF Applications by Shay Shmeltzer

Following up on the previous blog that showed how to get your ADF application into the Developer Cloud Service git repository, this entry will show you the next step in the lifecycle – executing builds. The Oracle Developer Cloud Service (DevCS) supports build automation with both Maven and Ant scripts – and in this […]


Leveraging the Oracle Developer Cloud from Eclipse by Brian Leonard

In an earlier post I wrote about Getting to Know the Developer Cloud Service. There wasn’t an IDE used in that post and I’m a big fan of IDEs. So in this post we’ll look at how Eclipse, in combination with the Oracle Developer Cloud Service, can be used to support the complete application […]


ADF Application Event Listeners – Part II by Red Mavericks

In my previous post  ADF Application Event Listeners – Part I I have focused in some of the ADF applications event listeners that we can listen and how to do it. In this post I will show you some examples of data that you can get from those event listeners and in some cases […]


ADF Basics: Using contentStyle and inlineStyle property to change basic styling of component in ADF Faces by Ashish Awasthi

Again a post about ADF Basics for beginners I have seen lots of thread on OTN about changing basic styles of component . for example, How to change font size of inputText ? How to change color of inputText/outputText ? How to change color of link or button ? and everyone starts creating a […]


Install WebLogic Server part -1-

To install WebLogic Server, open a Terminal Window and type in the command : java -jar /media/sf_WebLogicServer/fmw_12.   This will open a graphical installation window. Click Next; you should now see the screen below asking you to provide a new middleware home directory:   Type in the new middleware home as: /u01/mw1213   Click […]


Create new WebLogic Server Domain (Part -2-)

A WebLogic Server domain is an administrative unit, this administrative unit consists of one Administration Server, one or many clusters containing one or more managed servers. This administrative unit is maintained, and monitored through either the administration console or Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control. Best practise states that we should never perform our configuration work […]