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Serving a Beautiful Website with R and Bootstrap

Serving a Beautiful Website with R and Bootstrap
There is very limited coverage on how to build a website with R. It was a fight to answer the questions that I had. Obviously, this is because R was not meant to serve websites. In fact, if you want to serve a website that has any sort of volume, you’re probably better-off using Shiny […]

Getting started with node.js on Windows

via Getting started with node.js on Windows.

The following tutorial will give you a very brief guide on how to get started with node.js on Windows. This tutorial will not tell you which third-party tools to use, this is just a plain introduction to the node.js ecosystem. This includes:

  • Install and setup node.js on windows.
  • Run a “Hello world!”-program.
  • Create a webserver program.
  • Use npm to install a module.

Awesome Swift: A collaborative list of awesome swift resources.

via matteocrippa/awesome-swift · GitHub.

A collaborative list of awesome Swift resources,inspired by awesome-python and listed on awesome-awesomeness.

Feel free to contribute!

Demo Apps

Some interesting demo/poc apps written in swift.


A list of iOS swift demo apps

  • 2048 – 2048 demo game in swift.
  • Alarm – an alarm app in swift.
  • Chat – chat like app implementation in swift.
  • CloudKit-To-Do-List – a cloudkit based to do list.
  • DeckRocket – deckrocket porting in swift.
  • Edhita – text edit app.
  • Eidolon – The Artsy auction kiosk app.
  • firefox-ios – firefox for iOS being developed by Mozilla.
  • Federal Open Data – Get federal Open Data using the Federal Data SDK
  • FlappySwift – flappy bird clone in swift.
  • HackerNews – hackernews reader app written in swift.
  • HausClock – chess stile clock app in swift.
  • HomeKitDemo – homekit demo app;
  • iContactU – delivered on Apple Store: reminds you to contact people you ought to.
  • KeychainDemo – keychain sharing between an App and it’s share extension
  • LayerPlayer – explores CALayer and subclasses; written in Swift; also on App Store
  • MyAwesomeChecklist – checklist app in swift.
  • Pocket Forecast – typhoon weather example
  • ReactiveSwiftFlickrSearch – an MVVM & ReactiveCocoa Flickr search app in swift.
  • Round & Split – a tip calculator in swift
  • SwiftDemo – a collection of demo for swift.
  • SwiftFlickrApp – flickr app written in swift.
  • SwiftHN – hacker news app in swift.
  • SwiftWeather – a nice weather app written in swift.
  • TextEthan – a clone of TextEthan, a messaging app that allows anyone to message you
  • Task – a task app written in Swift that is published in the app store.
  • The Oakland Post – a full-fledged, 100%-Swift (minus dependencies) news reader.
  • Valio – event time table app in swift.


A list of OSX swift demo apps

  • clock-saver – a clock screen saver for osx written in swift.
  • dshb – OS X system monitor in Swift

Dependency Managers

Dependency manager software for swift.

  • acli – downloads repos from command line listed in awesome-swift readme.
  • carthage – a new dependency manager for swift.
  • cocoapods – the most used dependency manager for Objective-C (swift is still in porting).


An awesome list of swift related guides.

Editor Support

Support for your favorite editors.


  • swift-vim – play swift with vim editor.
  • vim-swift – adds swift support to vim. It covers syntax, indenting, and more.
  • vim-polyglot – language pack for vim that includes vim-swift.


Here you can find a list of snippets and libs for your swift projects.


Quick libs to get access to third party API services

Auto Layout

Bored of using storyboard? Give a try to declarative auto layout libs.

  • Cartography – declarative auto layout lib for your project.
  • Snappy – a light-weight layout framework which wraps AutoLayout with nicer syntax.
  • SwiftBox – Flexbox in Swift, using Facebook’s css-layout.
  • SwiftAutoLayout – a small DSL for autolayout.
  • Tails – declarative autolayout for ios app written in swift.
  • VFLToolbox – fancy Swift implementation of the Visual Format Language


Interesting snippets related to color management and utility.


Deal with cryptography method easily in swift

Data Management

Core Data

No more pain with Core Data, here listed some interesting lib to handle data management.

  • AERecord – super awesome Core Data wrapper library for iOS written in Swift.
  • AlecrimCoreData – a simple CoreData wrapper library written in Swift.
  • SugarRecord – an easy with to work with coredata and realm.
  • SuperRecord – A small set of utilities to make working with CoreData and Swift a bit easier.
  • QueryKit – an easy way to play with coredata filtering within your swift projects.


Struggling using json data? Here you are some interesting way to handle it.

  • Argo – Json parsing library
  • json-swift – A basic library for working with JSON in swift.
  • JSONHelper – lightning fast JSON deserialization and value conversion library for iOS & OS X written in swift.
  • ObjectMapper – JSON object mapper.
  • Pistachio – Generic model framework for Swift.
  • SwiftyJSON – A lib for JSON in swift with error handling.
  • SwiftMapper – JSON Mapper.
  • SwiftJSONParser – JSON parser.


Are you interested in storing your app data using SQLite? Here some interesting resources.

  • SQLite.swift – A pure Swift framework wrapping SQLite3. Small. Simple. Safe.
  • SQLiteDB – sqlite wrapper for swift.
  • SwiftData – simple and Effective SQLite Handling in Swift.


If you prefer to manage XML data formatted entries, here some helpful libs


Handle data formatting easily.


Alternatives to NSNotificationCenter, Key-Value-Observation, or delegation.

  • EmitterKit – an implementation of event emitters and listeners in swift.
  • Signals – replaces delegates and notifications.
  • SwiftEventBus – A publish/subscribe event bus optimized for iOS.


A collection of font related snippets.


Interested in using iBeacon in your swift project? Here some interesting resources.

  • iBeacon – iBeacon implementation in swift.


An interesting list of image related libs..

  • CYFastImage – display images from web.
  • gifu – highly performant animated GIF support for iOS in Swift.
  • ImageScout – a Swift implementation of fastimage. supports PNG, GIF, and JPEG.
  • PASImageView – async remote download your image and round them. automatically.
  • SwiftColorArt – font schema generator according image colours.
  • SwiftGif – A small UIImage extension with gif support
  • Toucan – Image processing api
  • UIImageView-BetterFace-Swift – autoresize images and if any face discovered refine the position of the image.


Do you want to create your own customized keyboard? Here some interesting resources


  • Surge – Accelerate framework for swift.
  • swix – A general matrix language.


A list of libs that allow you to decrease the amount of time spent to deal with http requests.


  • iOS-TouchID-Swift – TouchID for Swift.
  • JMEasyTouchID – TouchID one line wrapper.
  • KeychainAccess – Simple Swift wrapper for Keychain that works on iOS and OS X.
  • KeyClip – Keychain framework for iOS written in Swift.
  • SwiftKeychainWrapper – a simple static wrapper for the iOS Keychain to allow you to use it in a similar fashion to user defaults.


Manage your device sensors in a faster and easier way


  • SMCKit – Apple SMC library in Swift
  • SystemKit – OS X system library in Swift


A collection of testing frameworks.

  • Quick – Quick is a behavior-driven development framework for Swift and Objective-C.
  • Sleipnir – BDD-style framework for Swift.
  • Swiftest – experimental BDD-style framework.


A collection of pre-packaged transitions & cool ui stuffs.


Some interesting utilities that help you in your projects

  • __ – Underscore.js power in your swift projects.
  • Async – Syntactic swift sugar for Grand Central Dispatch
  • Async.legacy – Syntactic swift sugar for Grand Central Dispatch (iOS 7 and OS X 10.9 Mavericks compatible fork)
  • AwesomeCache – manage cache easy in your swift project.
  • BrightFutures – promise and future lib for swift.
  • CLIKit – a way to create cli with swift.
  • Collection Each – add each func to collections.
  • CommandLine – A pure Swift library for creating command-line interfaces
  • Dispatcher – Queues, timers, and task groups in Swift
  • Dollar – a lib similar to Lo-Dash or Underscore in Javascript.
  • ExSwift – a set of swift extensions for standard types and classes.
  • LlamaKit – Collection of must-have functional Swift tools.
  • Mendel – Swift miliframework for implementing evolutionary/genetic algorithms.
  • PromiseKit – async promise programming lib.
  • Prototope – Swift library of lightweight interfaces for prototyping, bridged to JS.
  • Pythonic.swift – Pythonic tool-belt for Swift: a Swift implementation of selected parts of Python standard library.
  • Runes – Functional operators for Swift – flatMap, map, apply, pure
  • SpecificationPattern – chainable rules useful for form validation.
  • SwiftBitmaskBitmask<T> type intended as a replacement for RawOptionSet.
  • SwiftColors – HEX color handling as an extension for UIColor.
  • SwiftForms – form are now easy as 1.2.3!
  • SwiftyUserDefaults — a cleaner, nicer syntax for NSUserDefaults
  • Swiftz – a lib for functional programming.
  • Swift Sugar – objsugar ported to swift.
  • Wyrd – Asynchronous programming in Swift made easy. Wyrd is inspired by Promises/A+.
  • XCGLogger – a lib that help you handling better debug logging.
  • Swell – a logging utility for Swift.


Do you wanna host a webserver in your device? Here you can find some tricks to do it.

  • swifter – Http server written in Swift with routing handler.


Miscellaneous Swift related projects

  • swift-compiler-crashes – A collection of test cases crashing the Swift compiler
  • SwiftInFlux — List of things that are “in flux” in Swift + changelog of the language


Tools for Swift development


Generate documentation for Swift code

  • jazzy – Soulful docs for Swift & Objective-C
  • swiftdoc-parser – Header parsing and HTML generating utilities for SwiftDoc.org

Building a simple webserver with Koa.js

via Next-gen Express: Building a simple webserver with Koa.js | OlinData.

Koa.js is built by the very same team that brought us Express, the de facto web server module for Node.js

What differs koa.js from Express, or any similar web server module, is that it’s designed to use generators from the ground up. With generators, you can write asynchronous code in “synchronous” style – forgoing the need to deal with callback hell!

Designed to be lean, koa.js does not come bundled with middleware, making its codebase extremely lightweight – CLOC gives it a count of 208 lines as of this blogpost. However, should you need to install middleware components for koa.js, its only a package installation away – and some additional require statements.