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TypeScript up in my WebStorm | TypeScript Editor Shootout @ TypeScriptPDX

Recently I joined a panel focused on TypeScript and a shootout between editors that have some pretty sweet TypeScript feature. Here is a wrap up of key features around WebStorm and the TypeScript. A quick definition of TypeScript from the TypeScript Site. If you’re interested in the spec of the language, check this out. TypeScript is a typed superset […]


Video: Creating AngularJS project in WebStorm

How to create and run AngularJS project in WebStorm

Video: WebStorm – MEAN Stack Walkthrough and Tips

Visit http://www.jetbrains.com/webstorm/ to learn more about WebStorm and http://mean.io/ to learn about MEAN framework

Starting an AngularJS Project with Visual Studio

via Starting an AngularJS Project with Visual Studio – Iran Reyes.

When I decided to start an AngularJS project many decisions come into my head. One of the first decisions is the IDE and the technologies that will be used. There are many good IDE on the market that supports JavaScript and some AngularJS. The ones that support AngularJS can be with extensions or native. They range from the simplest witch are Sublime Text, Brackets, Atom, etc. to the most complete as WebStorm and Visual Studio. On the other hand you can use any server side language, I personally prefer .Net, Node.js and Ruby. There are many criterias for choosing your optimal development environment, from the customer and the company to personal preferences.  This article is about starting a project with AngularJS on .Net and its several alternatives, I won’t write any code, this is just a technical tutorial that will save you a couple hours on internet and investigation.


Video: Node.js, Express & Jasmine Development using WebStorm IDE

Short video to help you get up and running with Node.js. Video series I am creating to help me with my own learning.

WebStorm 9 – New Features

Hadi Hariri, Technical Evangelist at JetBrains talks about new features in WebStorm 9.

Learn more and download WebStorm at https://www.jetbrains.com/webstorm/wh…

These new features are also available in IntelliJ IDEA 14, PhpStorm 8, RubyMine 7 and PyCharm 4

WebStorm 9 released with improved Dart support

WebStorm 9 released with improved Dart support

Today, JetBrains announced WebStorm 9, an update to their powerful web development editor. Highlights for the Dart developer include: pub serve support, improved isolates debugging, Observatory support, new syntax support, and more.

WebStorm 9 now launches pub serve, Dart’s development server, when the developer runs a Dart web app. Pub serve takes care of generating assets, compiling to JavaScript, and more.

Developing and debugging apps that run multiple computations in parallel is now easier, thanks to the new ability to set breakpoints inside of isolates.