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Mozilla A-Frame: WebVR Starting With One Line of Code

via Mozilla A-Frame: WebVR Starting With One Line of Code.

Mozilla today released A-Frame, an open source library for creating virtual reality web experiences without having to know the powerful (but complex) WebGL. Designed for web developers, A-Frame aims to make it easy to create high-performance and responsive virtual reality experiences that run right out of your browser.

Mozilla’s ‘MozVR‘ team has been experimenting with WebVR for some time now, but today’s release of A-Frame codifies the company’s R&D in this area into a package that’s ready for web developers to explore. A single line of code forms the basis of a VR-capable website.

How to Build VR on the Web Today

via How to Build VR on the Web Today.

To begin your development adventure into the Virtual Web, there are three potential ways to do this:

  • JavaScript, Three.js and Watching Device Orientation
  • JavaScript, Three.js and WebVR (My new preferred method!)
  • CSS and WebVR (still very early days)

I’ll go over each one and show a short summary of how each works.