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Build a data mining app using Java, Weka, and the dashDB service

via Build a data mining app using Java, Weka, and the dashDB service.

Add a warehouse database and analytics tools to your app on IBM Bluemix

As data scientists for the customer analytic group in our wireless service provider company, we want to leverage customer data to predict customer churn. Customer retention is a critical challenge for the telecommunications industry, where annual churn rates can be as high as 40 percent. If we can predict which customers are in danger of turnover, our company can take action to retain them before they take their business elsewhere. Even a small reduction in churn can have a significant impact on our bottom line.

We decided to build a quick web application we can enhance over time. Our app uses the code for a classification algorithm we developed in the Java™ language using Weka, an open source machine-learning tool. In Bluemix, we can deploy our Java application and take advantage of the dashDB service (formerly known as Analytics Warehouse service and BLU Acceleration service) to perform analysis on our customer data. This service provides simplicity and performance, as well as enterprise scale if we decide to grow our model or enhance our app to perform additional types of analysis on our data. Finally, we chose Twitter Bootstrap as the web development framework because it offers the flexibility of a mobile-first web interface and can be easily adapted to the myriad devices and browsers our analysts use.

Learn how you can build a similar application in Bluemix. We assume that you have the necessary code for your application, and provide our application code and data as a sample to help you get started.