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Sending WhatsApp Message in .Net

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Very small article about sending WhatsApp Message from your .Net application.
You need following things for that.

Unofficial WhatsApp for Desktop

via Aluxian/WhatsApp-Desktop · GitHub.

A simple & beautiful desktop client for WhatsApp which runs on OS X, Windows and Linux. Built withNW.js. Not affiliated with WhatsApp or Facebook. This is NOT an official product. Read theDISCLAIMER.

Advanced Live Group Chat With WebSocket, PHP & jQuery

via Advanced Live Group Chat With WebSocket, PHP & jQuery – Subin’s Blog.

WebSocket is one of the awesomest part of the HTML5 and we developers should experiment with it as it will be the future of client to server communication.

In a recent post, I made a tutorial of live chat with WebSockets and PHP. It was the basic step into websockets. But, I have created another chat which is more advanced that has the capability to upload images as well as record audio from microphone of the user. It’s somewhat like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

For this, you will need a WebSocket server and localhost or a web server. Let’s begin with the client side…

WhatsApp sharing button

via kriskbx/whatsapp-sharing · GitHub.

Or include the hosted version on jsdelivr: //cdn.jsdelivr.net/whatsapp-sharing/1.3.3/whatsapp-button.js

Interface to WhatsApp Messenger

via venomous0x/WhatsAPI · GitHub.

I no longer provide support to users who are trying to send bulk messages using this API (i.e. a large amount of messages and not the built-in bulk message functionality). Sending advertisments on WhatsApp goes directly against their EULA and I have no way of determining whether the user is trying to send spam, advertising or sending mass messages to “opt-in users”. And I also don’t want to waste the little spare time that I have on trying to figure out ways to fuck up this beautiful ad-free platform called WhatsApp by enabling people to send spam. Everyone is free to use this API but there will be no more issue reports about being blocked after sending messages to semi-random users.


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Hello! … I’ve been quite some time experimenting with the library Yousup , which allows you to interact with WhatsApp server, so we can receive and send message from our Raspberry Pi, even this can be from some Linux distributions. I will teach you the basics and more all depends on your creativity and dedication.