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Video: Windows Phone 8.1 Development for Absolute Beginners with Source Code

You’ll learn by doing as you build five apps, covering a range of scenarios, from media playback to hosted HTML to accessing geolocation data and mapping to extending your Windows Phone app to become a universal Windows / Windows Phone app.

So jump on in and learn how to build the next great Windows Phone apps!

Source Code: http://aka.ms/absolutebeginnerwp81

PDF Version: http://aka.ms/AbsoluteBeginnerWP81PDF

Office 365 Client APIs for Hybrid Mobile Apps

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The Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova enable developers to build mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows using web standards technologies. When used with the Office 365 API Tools for Visual Studio, developers can access Office 365 APIs from their hybrid mobile applications to access to the user’s calendar, contacts, mail, and files from their Office 365 account to easily create a richer, more connected experience.

Both the Tools for Apache Cordova and the Office 365 API Tools are extensions for Visual Studio 2013. Building a hybrid mobile app that queries data from a REST service can be hard: you’ll need to manage authentication tokens, construct REST URIs dynamically, and handle errors and retries. This code is boilerplate but is often error prone, the Office 365 APIs handle this complexity for you so you can focus on building your app. In addition to handling the complexity of REST calls, the library also provides APIs for authentication and discovery, OneDrive My Files usage, and accessing user and group information.