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Using a full-size none-stretched background image in a Xamarin.Forms app

via Dotnet by Example: Using a full-size none-stretched background image in a Xamarin.Forms app.

I always like to use a kind of a translucent background image to my app’s screens, that makes it look a bit more professional than just a plain single-colored screen – a trick I learned from my fellow MVP Mark Monster in the very early days of Windows Phone development. Now that I am trying to learn some Xamarin development, I want to do the same thing – but it turns out that works a bit different from what I am used to.

Blindsist – Assisting Visually Impaired People using IBM Bluemix Visual Recognition

via Blindsist – Assisting Visually Impaired People using IBM Bluemix Visual Recognition | Abdul Muhaymin – Being Student!.

This blog post will cover how I developed Blindsist app for Xhacknight.

The app was developed using Xamarin.Forms, targeting 3 major platforms (iOS, Android and Windows Phone) same time.

Blindsist is a simple one page application. Objective of the application is taking a photo using Smartphone, The photo is then uploaded to IBM Bluemix using REST Api. IBM Bluemix returns the data in Json format, which will be parsed and spoken out using Native Text to Speech services.

Open a new Xamarin.Forms Portable Class Project.

Set Your Appointments with Calendar for Xamarin.Forms

via Set Your Appointments with Calendar for Xamarin.Forms.

Scheduling-based scenarios are quite popular for the mobile environment, in which ​the end-user is on the go and needs to check what’s next on his schedule, immediately, without ​accessing his desktop machine. 

In this blog post, we will guide you through the steps of using the RadCalendar component from the Telerik UI for Xamarin suite, explaining key concepts and terms. For this purpose, we will create a simple demo application using the RadCalendar.

Localization default iOS controls

via Localization default iOS controls | Gerald Versluis.

When you are not from a English speaking country like myself, you will probably find yourself creating apps in your native language from time to time.

While doing just that in Xamarin.Forms I noticed that, when using controls like the SearchBar (which is further explained in a previous post), the Cancel button keeps saying Cancel, no matter what I did. And while working on my DateTimePickerCell I also noticed the Done button, kept showing Done, and there are probably more places where I didn’t even discover them yet.

Playing Sound in Xamarin.Forms

via Rnd() Thoughts: Playing Sound in Xamarin.Forms.

Xamarin.Forms does not have built-in way of playing sound, but it is easy to implement this using platform specific code on Android and iOS. This blog post describes how to build a project that implements a sound playing service with Xamarin.Forms.
We’ll begin this walkthrough with a new project in Xamarin Studio using the Cross-Platform App – Blank Xamarin.Forms App template as a starting point.

Backgrounding with Xamarin.Forms

via Backgrounding with Xamarin.Forms.

In Xamarin University, we have a few in depth courses dedicated to learning the concepts of backgrounding in iOS and Android [iOS210, iOS211, AND210]. If you’re not familiar with the concept, I highly suggest checking out those courses if you’re a Xamarin University subscriber, or reading our excellent documentation on the Xamarin developer portal.

Creating A Secondary (Bottom) IOS Toolbar In Xamarin.Forms

via Creating a Secondary (bottom) iOS Toolbar in Xamarin Forms – Wintellect DevCenter.

Xamarin Forms is a really great platform for mobile app development – we have used it on several apps now and had much better results than when trying to use the native SDK’s directly. Every now and then though you run up against a roadblock with the default renderer implementations where some feature (perhaps a key feature of your app) simply does not work the way it should. Secondary toolbars on iOS are one of those. I recently spent a couple of days trying to coax this feature into working properly before finally finding a solution (many other folks seemed to have simply gSDKiven up on it).