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Playing Sound in Xamarin.Forms

via Rnd() Thoughts: Playing Sound in Xamarin.Forms.

Xamarin.Forms does not have built-in way of playing sound, but it is easy to implement this using platform specific code on Android and iOS. This blog post describes how to build a project that implements a sound playing service with Xamarin.Forms.
We’ll begin this walkthrough with a new project in Xamarin Studio using the Cross-Platform App – Blank Xamarin.Forms App template as a starting point.

ImageMultiplier Add-in for Xamarin Studio

via ImageMultiplier Add-in for Xamarin Studio – Syntax is my UI.

Icons and graphics assets are a pain in the pixel on Android. I’m always on the look out to make my development life easier, especially on Android. And I think I’ve found it in the Xamarin Studio Add-in ImageMultiplier. This Add-in will make all your iOS and Android icons from a single SVG file.

Not only will it make them in different sizes, it will also put them in the correct directory.Hallelujah!  No more renaming or moving files required. We still have to add the generated files to the project but C’mon man you’ve got to do something. Right?

Getting Started with Xamarin & Visual Studio for Android

via LAC06: Getting Started with Xamarin & Visual Studio for Android.

Getting up and running, developing inside Visual Studio with Xamarin is really where I want to be, so I thought I’d write a brief post about getting started with xamarin and visual studio. I know I could have used Xamarin Studio at a vastly lower licence cost, but I really wanted to be using Visual Studio with Resharper. I’m familiar and way more productive using these tools than I would be with Xamarin Studio, and whilst I may give it a try at some point, its not for this project!

Guide to Add Windows Phone to Xamarin.Forms 1.3+ Projects

via MotzCod.es by James Montemagno — Guide to Add Windows Phone to Xamarin.Forms 1.3+….

I am a huge fan of Xamarin Studio and live inside of it around 50% of my development time. When I need to do library or Windows development though I head over to my good friend Visual Studio. Luckily the same exact project and solutions open in either IDE so it makes syncing with GitHub extremely easy. When I start up a Xamarin.Forms project I usually do it from Visual Studio so it spins up an iOS, Android, and Windows Phone Project. However, there are times that I am in XS, which doesn’t create the Windows Phone project so I need to add it after. Rob Gibbens wrote a great guide on adding Windows Phone projects to Xamarin.Forms in this case, but it is for the older Xamarin.Forms model pre 1.3. It is still a great guide and my guide follows this closely but updated with the new Application class requirements. Additionally, since Rob’s post we did release support for Windows Phone/Store RT apps and that process was documented as well, however Silverlight was left out, so let’s do it!

Paket Support in Xamarin Studio

via: lastexitcode.com

Xamarin Studio and MonoDevelop now have support for Paket with an alpha release of the Paket Addin.

Paket is a dependency manager for .NET. The dependencies it supports are NuGet packages, files from GitHub, Gists or files from any HTTP source. Paket can be used to maintain project dependencies completely from the command line.

So let us take a look at the support for Paket in Xamarin Studio and MonoDevelop.

Reaching New Android Customers with Xamarin and Amazon Fire TV

via Reaching New Android Customers with Xamarin and Amazon Fire TV – Amazon Mobile App Distribution Blog.

Xamarin is a cross platform development environment that leverages the power of the C# programming language and takes full advantage of native hardware acceleration. Xamarin generates fully native code for each mobile platform instead of translating at runtime.  Because Xamarin apps are built with standard, native user interface controls apps not only look the way the end user expects, they behave that way too.  Xamarin also includes a suite of tools that allow you to test, build, and analyze your apps across all of the major mobile platforms. Utilizing Xamarin you can now publish your own apps and games to all Amazon Fire devices. This includes Amazon Fire tablets, Amazon Fire phone, Amazon Fire TV and the recently announced Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Please join me in welcoming special guest Mike Bluestein, who as a Developer Evangelist for Xamarin, helps developers be successful with the Xamarin platform.  Mike is going to walk us through the steps to get your own apps and games running on Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick with Xamarin Studio.

Cross-platform Development : Xamarin Quick Start

via Cross-platform Development : Xamarin Quick Start – nvega.

First of all what is Xamarin. It is a cross-platforms solution to write mobile applications in C# for Android, iOS and Windows. There are two many methods to write Xamarin code. What is called traditional and Xamarin Forms With Xamarin you can use two IDE . Xamarin Studio and Visual Studio