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Couchbase Server – Integrating ElasticSearch for Real Time Analytics with Kibana

The Cross Datacenter Replication (XDCR) feature in Couchbase Server lets us synchronize data between different database clusters. One of the most interesting uses of XDCR is replicating data from Couchbase to ElasticSearch in near real-time. On its own, Couchbase is awesome; combining it with the search and analytics capabilities of ElasticSearch turns the awesomeness up to eleven!

In this session, we’ll learn how to tie Couchbase and ElasticSearch together into a seamless data storage and analysis platform. We’ll examine the benefits that each brings to the table and how we can use the former for efficient storage and retrieval, and the latter for fast indexing, full-text searches, and geo-spatial querying. But mainly, we’ll explore the most interesting use case of combining ElasticSearch with Couchbase: using Kibana to create dynamic, real-time data analytics dashboards on top of the data stored in Couchbase Server.