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Hibernate, JPA, and XRebel Continued: Understanding Eager, Lazy and Join Fetch queries

via zeroturnaround.com.

In the previous article we’ve uncovered a typical Hibernate issue – as Hibernate hides a lot of relational database complexity from us, it is easy to accidentally pull too much data through too many queries from the database. We used XRebel to identify that issue in Spring Petclinic, but haven’t figured out how to fix it yet:

XRebel 2.1 Released: Tracing asynchronous invocations for more insight

via XRebel 2.1 Released: Tracing asynchronous invocations for more insight | zeroturnaround.com.

Released a new version of the lightweight Java profiler, XRebel with a few important improvements. With XRebel 2.1 you will be able to trace asynchronous invocations for applications that spawn threads via Thread or ExecutorService API. You will also be able to better understand the results since we have added rendering of the aggregated database queries into the application profiling view.