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XSockets Clients

via XSockets/XSockets.Clients · GitHub.

This repository contains all clients for XSockets.NET 4.* that is maintained by Team XSockets Sweden AB

Do note that you have to add the JsonProtocol in the XSockets server for .NET MicroFramework clients since they are not RFC6455 compatible.

We currently have clients for:

  • .NET 3.5
  • .NET 4.0+
  • MonoTouch (iOS)
  • MonoDroid (Android)
  • .NET Microframework 4.2
  • .NET Microframework 4.3
  • JavaScript
  • Dart (Dartlang)
  • Arduino

XSockets.NET Virtual Academy!

via XSockets.NET Virtual Academy! | xsockets.net.

When we created XSockets generation 4 we added many features & functions that our users have been asking for over the years. We also wrote alot of documentation since that was considered to be our weekness in previous generations.

With XSockets Virtual Academy (XVA) we take another important step. We will add many samples for you to download in the XVA, and all of them will have a video attached where we explain the details of each sample.

There are two versions of every sample, one for any operating system running .NET or Mono and one for Win8+. The difference is only that the Win8+ samples is hosting our server within OWIN. When XSockets is hosted inside of OWIN we use the WebSocket transport in OWIN which require .NET 4.5 and Win8+. Ofcourse XSockets support full-duplex communication on all platforms as long as you have .NET 4.0+ or the equivalent Mono version.